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Work place:       Department of Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Asssignment:      associate professor
Address:           H-1521 Budapest, Hungary
Phone:              (+36 1) 4631490
Fax:                 (+36 1) 4633197
Phone:             (+36 1) 2431285

Area of professional interest: statisticaltreatment of experimental data, design of experiments, with special respectto the design and evaluation of industrial experiments, DOE in qualityimprovement, statistics for quality engineering, 6 sigma


  • Design and evaluation of experiments for engineering students in graduateand postgraduate training, and in continuing education courses
  •  Biometry, for engineering students,
  •  Statistical process control, for engineering students and in continuingeducation


Most recent books

Kemény S., Deák A.: Introduction to the use of the Statistica 5 for Windows software
 (Bevezetés a Statistica 5  for Windows program használatába,in Hungarian)
 Műegyetemi Kiadó, Budapest, 1997

Kemény S., Papp L., Deák A.: Statistical process control (Statisztikai minőség-
 (megfelelőség-) szabályozás, in Hungarian)
 Műszaki Könyvkiadó - Magyar Minőség Társaság, Budapest, 1998

Kemény S., Deák A.: Design andanalysis of experiments (Kísérletek tervezése ésértékelése,  in Hungarian)
 Műszaki Könyvkiadó,Budapest, 2000

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