CRRN (Compare Ranks with Random Numbers) VBA program's homepage

Authors: Dr. Klára Kollár-Hunek and Dr. Károly Héberger
email: kollarne[at] and heberger[at]

Downloadable programs, samples for input and output files:

  • SRD without ties: CRRN_DNA_V6_S.xls program file
  • Basic input file sample  ;   Output of basic input file
    Special input file sample  ;   Output of special input file
  • SRD with ties: SRDrep_V5_E10.xlsm program file
  • 1.input sample (xls file with several sheets)  ;   Output of the 1.input file
    2.input sample (xlsx file with one sheet)  ;   Output of the 2.input file

    Warning: The SRD-with-ties program is for Excel-2010, and needs Solver among the VBA Tools (References)

    Coming soon: SRD-with-ties program which doesn't need the Solver.
    If you have problems with using Solver in Excel, then wait for the new program version,
    where we build in a new approximation of the SRD-with-ties probability distribution.

    Here you see, how you can check after opening the downloaded SRDrep_V5_E10.xlsm program
    whether you have the Solver among the VBA Tools (References):
    No SolverSolver yes